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This was shaping up to be a great event. I hope it doesn’t become an epic fail…..


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I would guess there are a lot of tracks who don't have Compulink folks on site at every event and do just fine. We shall see.

They bring in a Compulink system for NHRA national events. Bob or someone else from Compulink is nearly always there. In the past, either the existing wiring has been compatible or they have had Compulink install compatible wiring for the event. In this case, they think they can just connect a Compulink system to the existing wiring and it will work fine. It may or it may not work. I think Bob is making the correct call here. If people are not going to listen to what you recommend, it's best to just walk away.


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This was shaping up to be a great event. I hope it doesn’t become an epic fail…..
What could possibly go wrong 🙈?


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I don't quite understand. If the Texas Motorplex decided to punt CompuLink back in October 2020 and go with another brand of timing system, why aren't they using that brand this year since the wiring changes have been made? Since they decided to return to the CompuLink system for 2021, looks like they'd reinstall the proper wiring to go with it.

Whoever Bob is apparently did the right thing unless there's more to this story than is being told.


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This direct quote from the article says it all:
"Compulink has repeatedly informed NHRA of the potential errors that could be produced with such a setup. Purportedly, non-Compulink personnel are going to attempt the re-install, being totally unaware of all the details needed to ensure the perfect race Compulink has delivered for decades. This attempt is not advised or authorized By Compulink."
I can only wish them good luck.


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There are some things you don't miss with at a national event and the timing system is one of them. Billy Meyer is putting his reputation on the line. I hope they don't have any problems but if they do........


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Over the years there have been many different companies making and selling timing equipment that worked well. Compulink probably isn't used at 50% of the active drag strips in this country today.
Do all the racers who have won money at a non-Compulink timed race need to give it back?
Comp+ quote: "It was certainly their option to freely choose whatever system they want," said Bob Brockmeyer, founder of Compulink Timing Systems.
Apparently Brockmeyer is trying to push NHRA into only using Compulink at all their races like NHRA did in the early days with Chrondek. Even way back then, others like Larry Applegate's Newtronics worked just fine.
Wires are wires. If they aren't damaged and their spec's are within the needs of a different timing system, they will work just as well as they would with Compulink's computer and sensors.
Coke or Pepsi? Dr. Pepper or a scotch and water works too.
He did get us talking about timing systems though...
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