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Charlotte 4 Wide Nationals TV coverage


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I live in western Canada where there is NO access to FOX Sports and NHRA Drag Racing (other than the NHRA All Access coverage with the
public address narration).
My son and I are making the long trip to the 4 Wide Nationals at Charlotte this year. I would really like the FOX Sports coverage of this event
for my library. (Friday April 27 qualifying show at 8pm ET, Saturday April 28 qualifying show at 2:30 pm ET, and most importantly, the Sunday April 29
3 hour eliminations show at 6pm ET. I would gladly pay someone at least $100 USD (negotiable) to record these shows for me, either on DVD, VHS,
or memory stick. If anyone will help me, contact Al Kean at [email protected]


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This past Sun during the Las Vegas NASCAR race Fox did a shoutout about the 4-wide race and showed a picture of the track. It looked like it is coming along pretty nice.