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BREAKING: Jeg Coughlin Jr. has announced he will retire at the end of the 2020 season. (1 Viewer)


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He's like a boxer, how many retirements is this :)


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I love Jeggie, I personally believe he is the best to ever drive in Pro Stock.

But I don't understand the "Breaking Barriers" tour. What barriers did Jeg break? He wasn't first in the 6s or the first to 200 (or any other significant ET or MPH). He wasn't the first to X amount of wins or final rounds or pole positions or round wins or wins in a season. He isn't an engine or chassis builder responsible for changing the game. He isn't a woman or a person of color, in fact he is a rich white guy that hopped from ride to ride to maximize his chances of winning. He has had a spectacular career for sure, but I don't think he has been a trail blazer or "barrier breaker" in any way.

I don't blame Jeg for this, I blame sh!tty PR people. Common sense never prevails with these PR hacks as long as the slogan looks good on a TShirt.


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jegs has come off as a 'fair weather' driver/sponsor, over the years and typically his retirements have come after sub par years. If this first race is of any indication of what his season is gonna be like and he bags 10 or 12 wins, i'll bet anyone a bag of dougnuts, a change of heart and an announcement his 'comeback' will happen immediately ;)

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He certainly was in another zip code from everyone else at Pomona. Haven't seen a dominating performance all weekend like that in a long time.
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