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Blown 6 Banger dragster (1 Viewer)


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That car is bad ass...
And I can really appreciate the dedication and skill it takes to build a car like that.
Please someone let them know that bad ass is a good thing... 😁
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Oh yeah... slant 6 with a blower! :) Or how about a 258 CI AMC straight 6, like you could get in a Gremlin. Wait...war story. Waaaay back in the 70's, I actually liked the Gremlin (still do). Went to the local dealer in Glendale, Calif. He tells me I can order the engine with a "high altitude" kit, 3 carbs & a hotter cam. I came real close to buying that car. Also had a 1966 Ford Falcon with the 200" 6 and "3 on the tree". Had the guts to run it at Lions Drag Strip, was slowest car there. Ran low 20's..... ah yes.....


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Got my drivers lic and my dad ..well long story but anyway I wound up with a 53 ford flat head automatic 4 door ( I hated that car ). Took it to the local dragstrip to enter just for kicks. I asked the tech guy what class I would run and he replied "any class you want. Your not going to win cause we can't give ETs in minutes". That car took 2 days to get through an intersection from a stop light. Slowest car I've ever seen.

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