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when all access was launched, it took them time to work the bugs out. NHRA tv is no different. we already have a post dedicated to it. issues. i will wait till the complaints stop, and then sign up. NHRA was not ready to launch this without problems


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I have not had one issue watching the first 2 races. No delays, no buffering, no need to relaunch the site. I have zero complaints.
i spent well over 3 hours attempting to get it prior to pomona, another guy said he spent 4 hours and did not get it. it was no secret, it was discussed here on mater. where did that thread go?? i am sure most read it. and we were not the only ones. i called glendora and THEY ADMITTED the problem. "been getting calls all week" concerning the issue. it was/is all in print somewhere on mater unless it was removed. willamette speedway is the fastest 1/3rd mile dirt track west of the mississippi river. (2x) it is 4 miles from my house. woodburn dragstrip just 45 minutes away. (2 points meets) and seattle. you watch NHRA tv, im going to the races. and yes, team scelzi was there last year and we expect them back this year. World of Outlaws.
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the only issue I have know of is the missing rewind feature, I have had no major problems, the pixilation issue from the last race was probably due to wind on the temporary towers.


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I tried to sign up before the last race, it told me the system was down and wasn't taking subscriptions

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