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Just thought I would take a minute and send Congrats to Allen Johnson. He has gone from barely qualifying to being #1 now and running at the top of the pack. I dont know what they did or found over there, but keep it up. Good luck the rest of the weekend.


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Kudos to Roy, it looks like he found a lot of HP recently. I hope AJ can make Ma MOPAR proud this weekend.

Art Lazzelle

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I believe the new block and heads and Roy and Allens expertise oops their crew also, has been the change. They have always ran well. Put some more hp in the equasion, Wa La #! qualifier and with some luck a win for Mopar this weekend. He surely deserves it.:D What a nice change it would be.


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I'd like to see him win it too,especially this race.Allen's one of the nicest drivers you'll ever meet!!
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