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Thanks Robin. You know what? I never heard of a Santa Pod in America. Every time I hear that name, I think of England. Interesting that people would think it's an American name. I hope that track is there another 52 years. Oh, one more thing. Is there much interest in electric drags? Do you guys ever do that at Santa Pod? I have seen one fellow here in Phoenix who has an electric dragster that runs 8's. Way too quiet, but interesting to watch. Just curious, as I know Formula One has an electric class now, and wondering if this will eventually make it's way into drag racing. There is a 2019 Chevy Camaro that is electric and they think it will run 9's.
Sorry for the delay, been away at the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame's annual Gala. Our Lucas Oil Global Achievement Award was presented to the SFI Foundation and received by Vice-President Jennifer Faye and a special award was made to Rich Guasco of 'Pure Hell' fame.

We have had a couple of notable electric cars here. Sam & Olly Young's 'Black Current' VW Beetle-bodied creation held the world record for a full-bodied electric car at 8.47/151, but is being rebuilt after crashing last year. Journalist and broadcaster Jonny Smith owns the world's quickest street-legal electric car, the 'Flux Capacitor' Enfield 8000, which is driven by batteries that power the rotary guns on a Bell SuperCobra attack helicopter and has run 9.86/121 at Santa Pod. The car is tiny -- its wheelbase is shorter than Jonny's height -- and you can read about it here:
This time last year I took Roland Leong and his companions to visit our National Motor Museum and found the car tucked in a corner there.

The Formula E circuit-racing organisation is entirely separate from Formula One but seems to be growing at a pace around the world, with major manufacturers piling in. Yes, all too quiet for me too, but increasingly looks like the future.

How did a thread that began with Jeb Allen wind up here?


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OK, we will tie all this together with a New Rumor. Jeb Allen to return to racing with an electric dragster. How's that? heh heh OK, that's pretty lame, just thought I'd bring it back to Jeb. By the way, I do remember Jeb getting his T/F license at Lions & also when the debuted the "back motor" car. When the rear engine cars were new, like 1971, they looked so different. had to get used to seeing the engine behind the driver.


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Why is it called a World Championship, when actually every Top Fuel racer in the "world" doesn't truly compete for it? It should be called the US Championship. Or back in the day I guess they could have called it the North American Championship, when there was a Canada race. I don't know; maybe there's a driver over in China or Croatia or Yemen who would like a crack at that title. Australia is the obvious example. But it makes you wonder - if there's a nitro team in Chile who laugh at the NHRA
Should we not call it the World Series when not every baseball team in the world has a chance to play in it? do the Cubans and Dominicans feel left out? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
I don't think anyone here in Europe objects to seeing the NHRA series described as the "world championship", since it is the world's premier drag racing series and always has been.


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That's a great New Rumor. Let's add to it: Jeb vs. Big Daddy. And not a sound between them except for squealing tires.
You know, joking aside, that might be something. Garlits Vs someone currently in Pro racing, and they have identical electric dragsters. Don't know how much interest that would bring to Pro Electric, but who knows?
the clowndown emptied seats real fast for NASCAR. it seems to have done the same with drag racing. i think in a drag race all cars should stop twice going down track for fan pics. whats daytona up to?? 4?? 5?? stops in a race?? ....it is so bad some NASCAR tracks have removed grandstands so they are not seen empty on tv. we filled that grandstand at the end of pomona. 25 years ago. only 14 T/F cars at pomona1. so whats the answer? build 8 wide tracks. complete event over in a couple hours. the attention span of this generation of fans. fans of all sorts EVACUATE the grandstands as soon P/S comes out. on the other hand, if P/S is eliminated beer sales will plummet. :( ....with very few fuel cars left, you can make the countdown running just a few races. now that is genuine real excitement that will fill the grandstands. "so n so only ran X amount of races, makes the countdown" . if i went to my first drag race and seen the stop-n-go super gas cars and super comp cars fall on there face after the launch?? ....you think im going back???
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