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World's First Four Second Altered Pass (1 Viewer)


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Three pages and not a mention of the previous "unofficial"record holder,Tom Motry out of Lockport,IL with his 'Drastic Plastic'. Tom was there at this race,as he travels with our Nitro Nostalgia F/C,Illinois Thunder,as we made the C Field final.Yes Toms car is what is condidered a Transformer,the "unofficial" record he held over eight years was a 5.28 at 278 mph or thereabouts.Tom is old school as they come,as his car has no clutch managment,no data recorder,no timers,no set back blower,none of the bells and whistles these big show type F/C Altereds have at this point in time,and this is not to take anything away from Wilk or Kinsley.They made great passes. Tom reads the plugs and looks at the bearings to tune the thing.
He predicted a four second pass,that his record would be history,and knew that with what was on these cars one of them would run quicker and faster. Great guy and nitro tuner.
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