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World Series back at Cordova! (1 Viewer)


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Correcting one of the dumbest decisions in all of motorsports history, the World Series will be back at Cordova this year. :)


One interesting twist, last year Ron Colson somehow trademarked the name World Series of Drag Racing and it'll now be called the Cordova's World Series. https://trademarks.justia.com/767/18/world-series-of-drag-76718990.html

Chris Lencheski said it would be use the name The Word Series of Drag Racing but that seems up in the air since Colson trademarked the name and another article says it's going to be called Cordova's World Series.

It'll be interesting to see if they can get the name back, license it or not. I'm guessing this will throw the 64th out the window.

Article from QCTimes that mentions the new name.
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All I can think is that they had to have reached an agreement with Ron Colson to use the name, or they're about to get sued for infringing on his trademark. lol

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