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I can't seem to find it on the NHRA site. When I google it I get the entire NHRA schedule for 2020. Anyone have a link?

Gone Dead Train

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Go to www.nhraracer.com look to the left under competition, click on National Events. They have not put the schedule up yet. But they will.
Bin going to this site since day one, 6 years ago? At least twice a day. Great place to get information.


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Detailed class by class schedule is usually posted two days before the race. The Pro 's schedule is usually on the regular NHRA site earlier.

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I have never been to the Winternationals before because I never had customers running there. Now I do with the Top Fuel Harleys®
Went to the finals for years whenPro Stock Motorcycle was a hot deal.


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Hmmmm, Sat morning Rd 1 of Alky. Would love to see Joey Severance, or maybe Shawn Cowie, run a 5.10.... Can think of a bunch on A/FD who can run that number. Can't wait!


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As shown on this schedule, you can see NHRA is bringing in Nostalgia Top Fuel, Funny Car and Pro Stock (out of the Mid-West). You can thank in part, Jeff Arend for his efforts to making this happen.

More can be found on Facebook land.
Gino do you know how many nostalgia dragsters and funny cars will be there?


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Gino do you know how many nostalgia dragsters and funny cars will be there?

1) Mendy Fry High Speed Motorsports
2) Adam Sorokin Champion Speed Shop
3) Jim Murphy WW2
4) Bret Williamson Forever Young
5) Tyler Hilton Great Expectations III
6) Rick White Neil & White
7) Dan Horan, Jr.
8) Brendan Murry Running Wild

Still trying to figure out the funny cars though.



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The Funny Cars:

1) Justin Taylor -- Evil, Wicked, Mean & Nasty
2) Dan Horan – The Patriot
3) Matt Bynum – Matthew Motorsports
4) Billy Morris – Problem Child
5) Kris Krabill – Cascade Automotive
6) James Day – Speed Sport
7) Matt Melendez – Cacklin’ Critter
8) Danny Gerber – Wasn’t Easy
9) Cory Lee – The Pedaler
10) Rian Konno – Kazanjian-Lemon-Konno
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