Who was it at Pomona that was doing 3 throttle whacks during the warmups? (1 Viewer)


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Dont think it was Spencer Massey's car, I was next to them in Grubby's pit all weekend and never heard that. I know Connie gave two for Grubby every time.


Correction...talked to my son and sorry...Yes it was Spencer Massey. He said that he always does 3.
Thanks and no problem.


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Glenn will be back out here for a race in December.

Brent, Martin, I find this YouTube - NHRA Top Fuel Warmup 2007 along with the PHX and Spencer video to have some of the best sound. Enjoy.


What a complement! My vid makes it to the Nitromater threads... I've gotten complements on the sound on that vid before, and it suprised me because it was taken with the video feature of my [relatively] cheap digital camera.
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