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What's up with the banner? Saturday message (1 Viewer)

Rick the Rocket

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The earlier races seemed to have a problem after a number of hours of recording. I am guessing that breaking the day into sessions is an attempt to fix this. Just my guess.

Von Halen

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I had the banner yesterday too. I tried to get rid of it and finally gave up. It eventually went away.

I am not a fan of this breaking it up into sessions where you have to go back and click on the next one. If you don't pay close attention, you won't be watching live.


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New day,new message. Now it just locked up. Guess I will do what the message says. That did work.100_6320.JPG


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That happened to me and shortly after it refused to work on the Roku. Thankfully I have a Chromecast as a backup, seemed to work fine on the website.

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