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Am watching the race via computer. Especially interested in John Zappia from Australia. He is in a Noonan car with one of the Noonan Hemi's. Would love to see him lay down a number. He has run 3.69 at 205 so far.


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Been watching on and off all day. Car counts down compared to Indy. Guessing the weather forecast may have kept from not attending. Not sure there is a live audience for this that far west. Seems more popular in the Southeast. IMO, still entertaining.
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DL'd the VOD from Livestream and watched it last night. Pity it's been rained out on Saturday.

We are all interested in OZ what Zapp and Co are getting up to whilst at the Mecca. Brett Hore from ADRP is there and I'm told Grant and Debbie O'Rourke too.

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