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Torrance gets ready for 2018

I knew that after the crash they were going to struggle. Barring that moment, Brittany would have had a bigger fight for the Championship with Steve....


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How does the floaters calculate into the equation?
5 floaters per run x 192 = 960 floaters x $30 per floater = $28,800....and you have to have more than that in stock so you can change the cutter count on the floaters depending on conditions. You also can order X amount of floaters during different points of the season to help meet the tuning window you are in.
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Nah, that's about right...24 races x 8 runs per race = 192 runs x 3 new discs per run = 576 discs, 192 runs x 4 new discs per run = 768 discs.

$120 per discs x 750 = $90,000.
How about
24 races x 5 runs per race = 120 runs x 3 new discs per run = 360 discs, 120 runs x 4 new discs per run = 480 discs.:cool:


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broken chassis in middle of 6 race sprint. amazing they finished 2nd and could have still won it. they will be back stronger than ever