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I read on FB that Smoke may be making hits in a TF car soon. And he’s rumored to be dating Leah. I did see that he was at the race this weekend.


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LOL. Stay away, Tony. Silly Rabbit; Trixx are for Kids. When Doug Kalitta, Jr. left the USAC/ARCA series to go drive his family’s dragster, I would never in a million years imagined the thought of TS wanting to come “Over here” and play in Doug’s yard. Hahahaha

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It would be great for NHRA if Tony came to play. He has had ties to drag racing for a long time, he was driving for Joe Gibbs while Gibbs still had drag teams. Also, Thomas Prock is an engineer for Stewart-Haas racing.


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Tony was at each of the 4 Indy races with Leah. They have been dating for a few months now. If Tony was to race in the NHRA, nothing but good things can come from that. I wonder if he is having second thoughts after seeing the ride Leah took this weekend.


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Tony has long said that he would like to make a hit in a TF car. When he was in Indy years ago hanging with Tony Schumacher when Shoe was driving for the Army and Stewart had the Army on his car driven by Ryan Newman, he said then that he would like to give it a try. But I don't believe he has any real desire to trade in Sprint Cars.

He was in St. Louis Sunday after racing Saturday night in Indy. He was on the starting line when Leah took flight.



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Good job Tony.I was a fan of yours before,but even more so now.Yes i'm jealous.Glad someone is keeping her happy and stress free lol.
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