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I did spell those names without Google :)
Expected to see them at Sonoma....curious if anyone knows why they missed? I can assume with Jason Bunker leaving Jurado, that they may be regrouping.


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Miladinovich destroyed a car at Pomona. That had to be a big hit financially.
I'm sure you're right on that Tony. I'm pretty sure he was already building a new backup chassis, and I think he may have secured a body, but as you know, it takes a bit to rebuild after destroying a car.


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Miladanovich has been putting the car back together. If you have an instagram account be sure to follow him. He posts updates and live videos quite often. They were in Sonoma but not with the car. I would guess they will return in Vegas and Pomona at the end of the year. I have not heard anything about Jurado since Vegas1 and Jason Bunker leaving the team. Hopefully they will resurface before the end of the year.

turbo ken

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The Big Show AA/FC car has been sold to
I know that he sold his other Toyota big show body, and has a couple of Mustang bodies.


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Talked with a couple of Jurado’s crew at Sonoma. He was so buried with work he couldn’t get away. Won’t see him until Fall Reunion in the nostalgia car
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