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Stanfield wanting more at Gainesville (1 Viewer)

CHARLOTTE, NC (March 11, 2011) – Greg Stanfield and his Team Safety Sentry Motorsports Pontiac GXP got off to a pretty good start at Gainesville, Florida today.

In the second qualifying session at the 42nd annual Tire Kingdom NHRA GatorNationals, Stanfield clocked in his fastest and quickest career best time ever at a 6.512 et at 211.89 mph. His time put him in the number seven spot going into Saturday.

“We definitely have something to build off of,” says Stanfield. “There is a ton of power here, cause of the air, it’s just that the track is a bit tricky. We are changing motors for tomorrow, and putting in a new one that we have been working on, so we should step it up a bit.”

The Pro Stock car field will kick things off on Saturday starting at 11 a.m., right after the Pro Stock Motorcycle class. They will have two more qualifying attempts tomorrow in preparation for Sunday’s race.
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