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Here's the reply I got from Jessica Hatcher at NHRA. (I think she's in media Relations but, is obviously aware of the situation)
>>>>Hi Jim!
Our developers are working on this and should have the ability to rewind integrated into the platform within a few weeks. It’s tough for my media relations team as well, so I feel your pain! If you have the time, please leave a comment on the NHRA.tv/help page as well so they know that folks would like for this function to be made a priority.

Thanks for the feedback!
Sound like a good idea to post a request on the NHRA.TV help page.


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FWIW: I tried to post on NHRA.TV site this afternoon, I don't think the message "took".


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I sent in my request about the feature on the help link, will get back to me at some point I hope?


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Submitted email to NHRA.tv. about the rewind feature. Got this response,

"Thank you for your suggestions, comments and ideas for improvement. NHRA.tv welcomes the feedback of its members.

We are working to bring these features like you mentioned to NHRA.tv in the near future.

The Live DVR features are coming soon. The Live events from each day's event will become available shortly after the end of that day's event on https://www.nhra.tv/

Please reply to this email if you have any more comments or questions.

NHRA.tv Support"

Looks like making them aware is paying off.


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Looks like Rick Farcas 'treed me' - Looks like they're aware of the need - Not certain from reading the response to Rick or my own if we'll be able to rewind/DVR in real time (my preference) or soon after the race but, glad it's moving forward.
>>>Hello Jim,
Thank you for contacting NHRA.tv.
We currently do not support pause/rewind so that's why he does not see the progress bar. We are adding LIVE DVR soon that will allow users to pause and rewind live video
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