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Pro Stock RPMs


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Jaimie Yates (the son of former Pro Stock driver Jim Yates) which was involved with Richard Maskin for several years posted on here several years ago that on the top teams were in the 10,200 to 10,500 range then. Seems like I heard this in circa 2006 to 2007. So, I don't think its much of a stretch they are above 11,000 by now.


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By a lucky coincidence there is a very interesting and detailed article on this engine in this month's Race Engine Technology, where Nick Ferri is quoted as saying "... 11,000 rpm and beyond".

He estimated that KB is running to 11,500 so I've got some more audio analysis to do to check that one out!
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Well, I FFT'd the in car audio track from Greg's losing [email protected] at Houston and if my sums are correct the engine barely got over 11,000 in the lights, slightly less on upshifts.

So it looks like next year we'll be losing 500 rpm and the current scoop, although I expect all the teams will still find a way to recover a lot of intake stagnation pressure despite the new intake rules. What efi will offer if anything remains an unknown.

As an interesting comparison, by 2013, F1 had more than overcome the power loss due to the rpm restriction down to 18,000 rpm from 20,000+ rpm in 2006. Big budgets though ...