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Congrats Greg 3 pts ahead of 2nd place real Good

I don know how it happened but I went from 11th to 4th overall. Thanks :cool:


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Congratulations, Greg! I picked two winners and managed to crack into the top 20 at #19. #BlindSquirrel


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Congrats Greg!
Thank goodness I replaced Steve Torrence with Bo Butner! After watching his qualifying runs I felt Steve's car was still lacking, but who could have forecast Butner's stroke of luck?
Sometimes strong qualifying isn't the only thing to base your picks on...
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Hey PJ. I am missing 3 points for WJ winning the specialty race??

Na. You got ‘em. If you sort the results on the “Unfinished Business” race, you’ll see your three points. They’re just added to your overall total and not counted in the regular race standings.


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your \\\\\\\
I added up all your points and they are correct. Nothing is missing.

Your RIGHT! My math was wrong. I thought I started out 40 points with after the AZ race? Sorry for the confusion! -Jeff


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Congrats Greg. I went from 6 to 37. Gonna have to spend more time looking at stats. I reluctantly picked Zizzo. Even though he lost he did have a good showing.
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