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Perfect Commercial for the NHRA (1 Viewer)


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(note the tree in the upper left corner...anywhere near that tree at E-Town was my favorite place to sit for it's much appreciated shade at the Summernats)


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First time I took my father in law. I was sitting the row behind him. He happen to turn to say something to me, just before they launched. He jumped so bad he actually fell off the seat. Wish I had it on video and yes he came back for more
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The Newbies are the best! I try to take at least 1 with me every year and while cruising the pits just before they do a warm-up, I tell that person to get right up to the ropes because once they fire up, you won't be able to see what's going on. Priceless!!


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Was even better when they did throttle whacks..........I had some friends that took me snow skiing for the first time and told me I didn't need lessons and black diamond slopes were for beginners. Pay back was when I took them to their first drag race and told them to stand right in line with headers on warm up..........~:)~then stood right behind them so they couldn't leave.


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One of my all time favorite first timer memories was during high school I had a few friends working one of the concession stands for their Younglife group. Well it was the preseason test one year and they had some down time so I took about 4 or 5 of them right next to the starting line and we are standing about 15 ft across from the starting line. Now obviously by this point they have heard cars run and they know it is super loud but still watching them standing right there always makes me laugh. First they were freaking out after the burnout and when it came time to launch all five of them jumped about 3 ft off the ground and one poor girl when she jumped back tripped over herself and fell down. I just wish I had got it on video. And the best part.....it was only one car!!

Another favorite was a buddy of mine going for the first time and he thought I was over hyping it and was making it seem crazier than it really was. Well it was time for the first warmup and being macho he bet me $20 that he could stand at the rope all the way through the warmup (mind you this was a Force warmup who back then seemed to run it richer and would double whack the throttle) Well I have to give him credit he stayed at the rope for the entire warmup but the moment they clicked that thing off he booked it to the trash can and was dry heaving for a good five minutes.


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I did get video of my sister's first time at the races, she got the hook set because I think she has been to every race here since.


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