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Got back early this morning from the PDRA race in Indy on 7/14-15. Some notes. Full fields in most Pro Classes. 36 TD on property (only quickest 16 qualify) and 29 TS. 68 cars in the Bracket Bash. Friday night qualifying was fantastic as the cool temperatures help the cars run some amazing numbers, as the track temp was as high as 130 degrees in the afternoon. Leah Pritchett there on Friday with her husband Gary who was getting his TA/FC license and Antron Brown was there both days with his son and daughter who were running Jr. Dragster. Pro Mod driver Mike Castellana ran a 3.849, the fifth quickest run, on Friday, during Q1 in Pro Boost, then put the car in the trailer, not to be seen again. Talked to a few drivers and crew members. $20 a day for tickets. Expensive food and drink at the track, sound familiar? Spent some quality time at Daredevil Brewing in the Speedway neighborhood. A fun weekend in Indy.
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