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(From the Yahoo Funny Car group)

As many of you know, Pat Foster, funny car builder, funny car driver, dear friend and most important of all, the ‘King of the Dry Hop and the F word’, remains in an advanced care hospital in Post Falls, Idaho. He has been there since the day before Thanksgiving hanging onto life! Although he’s made some progress, he still has a long way to go. He suffered an aortic aneurism and the truth is he will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. As sad as that is, he is so lucky to be alive! His will to live is strong and he understands his situation.

One of the reasons for his positive outlook is his family has never left his side throughout his recovery. His sisters and his brother have been taking turns staying for weeks at a time and the financial burden must be tremendous. The hotel across from the hospital has been very supportive to the family, giving them a discounted rate, but even at that, it’s substantial. They still have a food bill and things that have to continue on their own home front. They all love Pat very much and have never complained one bit.

Last week, Steve, Gloria and Cindy Gibbs went to see Pat and had a great visit with him. They met up with Kenny Logan, who has been a huge support to the family during this time and got to spend some time with Patty’s sister Linda. Here’s what we came away with…

We would like to surprise the family and help in taking care of the hotel bill for a couple of months, and to place gift certificates at the restaurants that they attend which include Denny’s and the local favorite ‘Hot Rod Café’….how appropriate!

Also, if you are so inclined to visit him, please do! He can have visitors and it really lifts his spirits. His sisters have tacked up letters and pictures that have been sent, all over the walls of his room.

We can do this people…there is power in numbers. Foster is getting really good care where he is; for right now, the best way we can help him is by helping his family. Let’s surprise them with this gift of appreciation for all they are doing to help their brother and our dear Patty. Please note that each and every dollar collected will go directly to Pat and his family.

make check payable to
Cindy Arias
9058 3/4 Walnut Street
Bellflower, CA 90706

Contributions by PayPal can be sent to: [email protected]

Please contact Cindy Gibbs Arias for information regarding your donations at [email protected]


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Please keep Pat in your thoughts. News today is very grim. Rest easy Pat, and drive it out the back door.


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When we were all at march meet they raised a lot of money for pat to try and help with the medical bills
now reading he's not doing well is hard to read
i haven't been around as long as alot of people on here but i met him a couple years ago at the hot rod reunion when he had the rendering of the car that ivo drove and i had both him and ivo sign it then framed it
even though there were alot of people around he took time to talk to me about racing and then hearing stories of the days i didn't get to know from the past was awesome
my thoughts and prayers for pat and his family
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