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With only 13 cars entered I'm wondering what the ladder will be? Anybody have a 13 car ladder that they could post here?
The number 1 Q will get a bye in the 1st round. If the number 2 Q makes it out of 1st round they will get the bye
in the 2nd round, if not who ever beat's the number 2 Q in round 1 will get the bye in round 2. There will be 4 floppers
in the semis.
I went to the Roger Sumner school of drag racing. Yikes I'm still stoned.
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With the high "Over the Road" costs, loding, meals, nitro, round to round maintenance costs, etc., it might be that the Countdown started, some of the cars not in the top ten are staying home?


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In a case like this, why not leave the door open till 1st rd Qualifying of Saturday. That way maybe a team can make a last minute decision to enter due only to low car count.


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this 2nd race at zmax always seems to struggle. the rest of the nat. events this year have full nitro fields.
brainerd was 1 short in both fields. seattle i think was 1 short in FC? ...... topeka may have been 1 short in FC too?


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Hardly full field at most races for funny cars.
3 races with 15
3 races with 14
1 race with 12
This race with 13

Dragsters aren’t as bad but there is a handful of races with less than 16 for them also.


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There were only 4 cars in the first session of Competition Eliminator. Tough economy out there right now. This is not Jim Heads fault.


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It is all Jims fault he has now set a precedent and many will follow.
Money is tight, not much reward for the risk involved.
I can see it getting worse especially for self funded teams.
If a self funded team is spending a million a year their business has to make about 3-4 million to get the million to race with.
Plus the millions more to support the actual business itself.


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I'll check their website. NHRA's results showed only 8. I got lazy not checking the other sites.
Psn---Num-Driver, Home Town, Car Type---------------Qual-ET--Qual-Spd-Top Spd

1 5 John Force, Yorba Linda CA, '22 Camaro 3.854 330.47 330.47
2 14 Matt Hagan, Christiansburg VA, '22 Charger 3.861 329.99 329.99
3 8 Robert Hight, Yorba Linda CA, '22 Camaro 3.864 331.45 331.45
4 1 Ron Capps, Carlsbad CA, '22 Supra 3.866 334.90 334.90
5 3 Bob Tasca III, Cranston RI, '19 Mustang 3.876 329.26 329.26
6 9 Tim Wilkerson, Springfield IL, '18 Mustang 3.891 332.34 332.34
7 256 Blake Alexander, Charlotte NC, '19 Mustang 3.908 323.04 323.04
8 6 Alexis DeJoria, Austin TX, '22 Supra 3.919 329.42 329.42
9 4 Cruz Pedregon, Brownsburg IN, '22 Charger 3.937 322.04 322.04
10 373 J.R. Todd, Jupiter FL, '22 Supra 3.950 328.54 328.54
11 10 Jim Campbell, Long Beach CA, '22 Charger 3.990 317.34 317.34
12 473 Chad Green, Midland TX, '18 Mustang 7.087 85.15 85.15
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