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Hey all,
I've been lurking around here for quite some time. Finally decided to come out and show myself. :)

I'm a Div 3 racer/fan (more on the fan side at this point). Mostly into the Stock/Super Stock classes. I have a 96 Dodge Dakota (extended cab) 360 Magnum in both IHRA (GT/FA) and NHRA (M-N/SA) that I haven't raced in about four years. The truck is getting a roll bar over the winter though, so next spring I'll be back out there. I currently "crew chief" on my dad's 2000 Dodge Dakota (again with the 360 Magnum). There's nothing better than watching him win (unless I'm in the other lane..hehe).

Been around this racing stuff for quite some time now in just about every imaginable way...from working bracket races at the local track to working in the tower at a number of nationals.

Can't wait to be part of the fun....

BTW..Timmah!! NO Avs!!! :p


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Welcome Jackie, always good to see another of the old AOL DRF show up.

My thoughts exactly!!!

Welcome to the "Darkside" Ms. Lovins!!! Shoot, maybe we can get "X-Man" Williams and Sandman468 to come to the mater?

Oh, and the AVS are the best!!! Amazing after OMG 12 years your still not an Avalanche fan????

Welcome to the Mater Kid! BTW.... I still have those bumperstickers you sent me back when I was still in Cali!!!

Mopar Kicks ass...!



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Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I really do appreciate it.

And Tim, what the heck is this Ms. Lovins crap? lol....No formalities here man...It's just Jackie. BTW, I will NOT be an AVS fan.:p lol. Oddly, I now root for one of the worst teams in the NHL (Columbus Blue Jackets) and one of the better teams over the last season (Philadelphia Flyers). I have a few friends that play for CBJ or affiliate teams and another friend who's a thug for Philadelphia...so go figure.

And just where the heck have Bob and Sandman gone? And Rip...sheesh.
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