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NO, I've been in and out the last 2 hours and now when they were fixing the timing system I have nothing. Finally got an event logo but no message as too problem. I had to reboot it several times but got it back after about 15 minutes. So maybe on my end. Worked fine the rest of Sat. and Sunday.
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I was not on when it was down but my dad was watching on Friday and he didn’t have any issues. He said they were down for quite a while during the Mike Bowman crash. They had to fix the sand trap and net.


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Was in Ireland enjoying (at least, parts) of every day's sessions.
Glad to see the rewind feature worked even if I wasn't on line constantly. I don't know if it's an enhancement but, perfect if you join the show in progress.
5 hour time difference was tough on the eyes.<G>