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Just wondering on this last day of the year if the lawsuit has been settled or is it still pending?

Gone Dead Train

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Gone Dead Train

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The last post was classless and uncalled for, very low brow and not glib at all.

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Woo-Hoo Mark thank you, that is the best compliment I have got so far this year.
But then again the year is only 3 days old.
Oh you forgot "Wise-Ass" Life is to short get a sense of humor!

I bet we agree on onething. 1960s AA/FD forever

AA/FD... Jeep Hampshire in the seat. Just a bitchin photo! The year is 1964


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I always liked "The Dodge Boys" Whether they were inhaling something through their manifolds or their nostrils they were fun!

I sorta' remember that Scott G passed on.. How's D.A. and what is/has he done since the Big Show?
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