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I remember coming home during lunch hour on Mondays to call and get the results, so that I didn't use the company phone.


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there was also "racing to the mailbox" - the page that had a mailing address for most of the racers if you wanted to contact one and had not yet invented the internet


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used to call it too.....sunday evenings.....and if i didn't call it, it was getting USA Today monday morning and finding the results in the tiny box scores


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Dave was still doing those when I first started posting NHRA results online. He'd phone them in at the end of the day, often from the media room.


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It was expensive. I used to call it to find out who won the Top Alcohol classes. About 40% of the time, after listening to the pro results and being billed for being on the line, they didn't give any sportsman results.

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I use to call it too, until my cousin (and former driver) went to work for Darrell Gwynn in 1988. Then he would call me with the results.

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I copied the idea for the motorcycle drag races. The promotor would fax me the results as soon as the last pair went down, and I would put it on the answering machine on a spare phone. People would be calling all night.


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I'll see your NHRA Now and raise you the Dodge Boys Racing Hotline! How many got your race results here? Ironically it still went on after the Dodge Boys were parked for a while. 20180410_222431.jpg
I don't think I ever dialed it back then. Since it was by the minute, did he talk real slow? Or did it start like with reading off Jr. Dragster, then all the sportsman classes and then the alcohol classes, then PSM, PS, FC and finally TF?? Or was there an option to only hear what you wanted?

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