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NHRA Items in Freaks' Fundraiser for Paralyzed MX Racer (1 Viewer)

Crash Gladys

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Hey all... here's the link to our eBay store... we're donating 100% of the money raised here to help MX Rider Ernesto Fonseca who was paralyzed in a practice crash this Spring.

Many in the NHRA Pits came through with sweet donations... and actually a lot of them sold at our live auction last month in SoCal (thank you SoCal race fans!!)... but we still have some great items left, so check it all out here!


And if you would like a more complete list before viewing the store, you can check out this page that describes it a bit better:

Thanks as always for your support, guys and gals!!!! We, and of course Ernesto, really truly do appreciate it all!!

Oh yeah, and if you would like to make a silent donation without bidding, please email me and I'll provide you with the details.
[email protected]

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