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The word "stock" should be removed from this class. There hasn't been anything stock about pro stock for several decades.
Honestly, "stock" hasn't meant "stock" for quite some time in racing. Over in the dirt track world, this thing is called a "street stock"



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I know some of you guys are throwing rocks at Pro Stock cars. But before I bought my "Camaro" built by RJ Race Cars I hadn't been very close to Pro Stock cars at all except for Jeg Coughlin, Jr who let me look inside his in the staging lanes once at Pomona.

After looking mine over (I bought it from JR Carr to run in Top Sportsman) and climbing in and out and underneath it I can see why they get a lot of money for these things. The workmanship and the amount of work to build one of these cars at RJ is astonishing. I was so blown away I couldn't help myself so I called Rick and Ricky Jones and told them I had never seen anything like it. I think to them the quality of car they build is standard procedure, but to a guy like me who has been beating on Top alcohol funny cars for years, sometimes I would just sit in it with the doors off just staring at the inside of the thing in total amazement at the fit and finish everwhere you looked, the beauty of the carbon fiber work and unbelievable craftsmanship that goes into one of these cars.

Anyway, that's my two cents! Not that it matters!


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I've said this so many times, but why the obsession with "stock appearing" race cars, especially in classes that are very, very fast? When I see a modern FC, it looks like a land based missile, and it is. When I see a PS car, I see an engineering marvel that looks badass. We have classes for cars that look real close to production cars, and are scary fast, such as the FSS cars. When Pro Stock started over FIFTY years ago, they really were street cars with slicks and hood scoops (I'm exaggerating but you get it), what we have now is a result of progress. And as far as what's under the hood, given the parameters that Pro Stock engines must follow, things evolve to an optimum design. So, I don't get hung up on the all GM thing, I do however think having different body types is good for the class. Just my pre-coffee 2 cents, LOL.

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Speaking of Pro Stock. My son is here right now going through my albums, looking for something new (old)
to listen to. He says dad did you see this car run and I said no, it was a Eastern Seaboard car, I don't
think it ever came West. But I did see the band in 1978 or 79.
From Canada it's Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush great band and Frank is a fine guitar player. This album
is from 1980. Did anyone see the car run? Good looking Dodge Omni




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