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Muscle Milk Team Finishes Season Off With a Win (1 Viewer)

The Muscle Milk A/Fuel Dragster team finished off the unpredictable 2020 season with a big win at the final Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event of the year held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Traditionally this is considered one of the toughest regional events of the year as all of the best teams are in town for Dodge nationals held the week prior.

In qualifying, there were 13 cars on hand for a tight eight-car field. Duane qualified eighth with a 5.39 at 274 MPH. In round one, the Muscle Milk team faced the top seed, Kim Parker from Graham, Washington. As the cars launched, Parker lost traction and went up in smoke meanwhile Duane was on a clean run and stopped the clock at 5.38 at 274 MPH to advance to the semi-finals.

In the semis, Duane faced Jackie Fricke. At the start, it was Fricke out of the gate first with a .087 to Duane's .105. Duane was able to quickly make up the gap and cruised on to the final round with a 5.28 at 277 MPM to Fricke's off pace 5.67 at 240 MPH.

In the finals, Duane faced high roller Joey Severence who had already been in the two previous Las Vegas final rounds. As they left the starting line, Duane passed the staging beams but the engine then went silent and the car rolled to a stop. Meanwhile, Severance was on a good run but the car broke loose and went into Duane's lane. Because Severance crossed the centerline he was disqualified and Duane was declared the winner. Duane was convinced that the run likely would have caused a collision and gave credit to a little bit of divine intervention. "It turned out we had an electrical problem which shut the car down but I was happy with the way it turned out as it was meant to be. We ran really well in the semis and I was looking forward to the final" he said.

With the season over, Duane got the elusive win he was looking for all season. "It was a good way to finish the season on a high note and we were glad to get the win. They don't remember how you get the win but how many". In addition to the win, the week was also special as the race team got Madison Payne licensed in the Muscle Milk car. "We are all proud of Madison. She did a great job" Duane said.

Duane would like to thank his sponsors for a great year including Muscle Milk, NGK, Brad Anderson Enterprises, GRP Connecting Rods, SRI, CleanBoost and Accelerated Travel.
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