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Mike Dunn Interview - IHRA 2017 and Beyond (1 Viewer)


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Well Mike, I voted IHRA would continue and the fact they stepped back to spot light the Sportsman racers is a positive for Drag Racing. I will give all the support i can and hope other racers and fans do as well so Mike and IHRA can succeed.


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Good read. I really hope Dunn is able to get the IHRA back on track. As mad as I was over the dumb World Series decision, I don't want to see them go the way of the dinosaurs either. I hope they can right the ship and get their pro program back to success.
Hopefully dragway 42 and World National's return to the glory days. I remember running word national's in 1998 and I think there was around 900 race car's on the property. If the Ihra can continue growth in the sportsman series and get big pro mod fields next year and maybe some 10.5 outlaw drag radial it can be exciting again.

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