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Well, yesterday, Mr. and Mrs. Big Zappy (hope they re-join the new Mater, but that's up to them) went with us to Southern Michigan to a friends house and his 15th annual Hot Rod Hot Dog Happenin. It's an "invite only " gig and yesterday was the best ever. The hit of the show was an appearance by none other than Mr. Al Bergler, and his beautiful re-creation of the "More Aggravation" comp coupe digger from the 1960s. Not many people knew in advance that a one-man "cacklefest" was planned, on 70% Nitro! Al graciously invited our host to take the place of honor in the seat while the awesome digger cackled for nearly 5 minutes! All this was done in a fairly populated area, known for it's peaceful lakes, and beautiful golf courses! I wonder what the neighbors and the golfers thought! Oh, and yes, I DID power-park the Merc next to the dragster. Zappy and I arrived early to offer assistance in unloading it from the trailer, and I just thought that was a great spot for the Merc too! I ain't stupid!
Click here to see my photo album of the event!

We had so much fun with the Zappy's that we decided to join them for breakfast this morning, then we all hung out til this afternoon. And yes, PJ, we DID talk about YOU! Hope yer ears were burning! Hahhahahaa!

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Welcome back Bob. Good to see you, now get that Zapster back here. I know, give him some time.:cool: Great pictures, it looks like it was great. Would love to find that blue chevy 2 for sale. Would like to get one again, for the street. Good to see the old digger out making noise.:)


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Now THAT'S a party favor! Must've been a BYON event? (bring your own nitro). That's just awesome! :)

I can hear the planning now. You got the chips? You got the beer? We're bringing the dragster!

Hey! That could be a business idea! Cacklefest party supplies (with a better name than that). Really!
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Thanks guys. As for Zappy and his lady, I want then back also, just dunno if it'll happen. as for myself, I'm wondering just what will become of this "new" old forum. Time will tell.

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