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Lucas Oil Raceway undergoing $10 million-plus renovation (1 Viewer)


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article mentions a $1mill. state grant that nhra was awarded, which was used for roughly half the cost of the pavillion (built 1 or 2 years ago?).
no more grant money to follow, at least not right now. talks about resurfacing of strip and replacing the tower (dragstrip phase 1), then revitalizing the oval track (phase 2),
then a new road course (phase 3)........in hopes that facility can maybe simultaneously host 3 separate events.......i don't know how many road tracks and paved stock car
ovals are in indianapolis metro area, but maybe start with the oval and the road course. get new money in there, THEN redo the drag strip and tower.
I know they use the oval pretty regularly, not sure how often the road course sees action, but I'd have to think the U.S. Nationals brings more money into the area than any of those (?) I haven't been to Indy for over 20 years now, but between 1973 and 1995 when I went every year you had to book hotels many months in advance unless you wanted to stay way far away. The towns, TV, newspapers - most everything - was flourishing with Nationals activity.
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