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So does the entire team moving mean that TJ's ride is parked for '21?
Both TJ and Beckman’s cars were parked at the end of this season, as the Chandler’s “Giving Cars” program ended after a long (7 year?) run. However, Shoe is committed to trying to find funding for both cars, as well as Tony.


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I have to think that if Shoe had something in the pipeline for TJ he wouldn't have let the entire team go.
True, but it’s a long off season, and if we can get to the other side of this friggin pandemic then companies may start to want to participate.

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Chuck just one of 1,090 Drag Racing hat pins, I have. I think I got yours at Indy 1000 years ago BC. pretty cool huh...
Now back to the regular schedule program. Moving Wars Brownsburg, Indiana 2020
Not me I'm going back to Sunday will never be the same... show. Who ever started that show thread, I want to meet.


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Now Cruz needs to just shut up and drive!
He shouldn’t interfere with success!
John Collins is a proven crew chief who doesn’t need any of Cruz’s input!
He is paying a man that knows what he is doing! Cruz is a good shoe and a proven champion but as a driver not both!
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