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The start of the Fuel Dragster Season of 1969 at the worlds greatest drag strip, Lions Drag Strip, promoter C.J. Hart came up with a very unique promotion. Called the 1969 Inaugural Fuel meet.

The headline promoting the race was, "A Perpetual Motion Fuel Dragster Race Loaded With The Sports Top Talent."

*Here's how Lions will run it's inaugural Fuel Dragster program. All Fuel Dragsters will run in pairs at 7:00pm. (Tuning runs allowed all day) The 1st Low et. cars, win, lose, or red light will come back and enter eliminations at 8:00pm. Not so with the next Low et. cars down the line,they miss the program. But they do get $25.00 to help defray fuel costs. The 4 winners of the 8:00pm first round enter the "Championship bracket. They will race in the semi-finals. The semi-finals will be at 9:00pm

The 4-car losers from the 8:00pm 1st round, instead of going on the trailer, come back for $100 to win or $100 to lose side by side races.The 2 losers left over from the 9:00pm. 4-car "Championship bracket plus the 2 winners and losers from the 9:00pm match races, these cars are still in the show, still going strong for $100 to win or lose. At 10:15pm. C.J. Hart's Perpetual Motion show has the Championship Bracket winner earning $750-to-win, $400 for the runner-up. It gives 6 other cars 2 more chances to go home with $100 per round, win or lose.

42 Top Fuel Dragsters entered the early season race at Lions, 42!!!

The Winner
Joe Lee in the Abbott & Lee "Elephant Hunter" defeated Jim Nicoll driving the "Der Weinerschnitzel" digger.

Admission was $2.50
Pit Pass-$1.00.
So it cost dad and I $7.00 dollars to get in with pit passes.

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People forget that we used to have to buy a pit pass. 50 cents at San Fernando.... Boy that was the best $ you could spend. I still say today that walking thru the pits is the greatest cars show in the world! I would always buy a pit pass.
War story: I had a beater 1958 Ford that I bought in the Air Force. Used to drive it to Lions. One night the clutch linkage broke, so had to drive from Lions to Glendale stuck in 3rd gear. arghhhh
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