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Keith Adams (Kebo) RIP (1 Viewer)


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Some of you may know the name, some of you may not. I had only known Keith for the past 14 years, we met when he was tuning for my buddy Troy Buff at the Finals in 06. Keith worked on Bernstien's car when it went 300 mph and was also an integral crew member for AJ on Blaine's, Gary's and Sarver's fuel cars amongst others. He would go onto tune, and I have always believed Keith to be one of the bright sparks out there that should still be tuning a car. There will be others that know Keith a lot better than me, but I needed to give respect to someone who treated me well and accepted me. We lost a good one today. Hug your loved ones. This post is for you, Kebo. Godspeed.
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R.I.P. Keith, does anyone know what happened ? this has been the worst year ever.
lost my gf this year ,Eric Lane now Keith. thats enough no more please...😞🙏🙏
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