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KCIR Lives!


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Read on competitionplus.com that the late KCIR will re-open in 2019. Will be drag strip & 1/2 mile clay oval. The same group that re-did Heartland Park Topeka is behind this new track. Web site for the track is www.i70motorsportspark.com Thought this was great news. New 1/8 mile track in Texas and now this track. Wow..... :)


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Read that as well, and I think it’s awesome. In this day and age, any news of new tracks or track reopenings is really huge! Good luck to all involved.


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And, it’s a quarter mile strip. Even better.
I almost wish I hadn’t moved last September. I used to live about 3 hours from the KC area. Now I’m about six hours away.
The closest track now is Memphis. I went there in 2001 and 2002 when NHRA still had national events at the facility. I have no desire to go back to that area.


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I grew up going to KCIR. Went there to see the likes of Jungle Jim, and Dickie Harrell.

This is great news.
My last trip to KCIR was in 2010 as a crew guy on a nostalgia Nitro Funny Car. To my suprise, Valerie Harrell and Dale Pulde were there hanging out with the FC teams. It was pretty cool...
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