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Joey Severance crash 1st round at Atlanta. (1 Viewer)


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Joey's racing Facebook page says he's OK, thankfully. Looks like something let go in the bellhousing and locked up the rear tires. Scary for sure.


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Hope he gets back in racing soon. The car looks like it could be repaired (?). Severance & Shawn Cowie are the 2 strongest blown alky cars out there.


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I believe they are in indy already with the car on the jig still planning on going to Charlotte

Picture on Facebook showed Richie Crampton working on it. Said it needs a front half and all new wings.

Glad Joey is OK!


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Wouldn’t surprise me if it was 12-15k. Wings are pricey.

I would have thought the smaller alcohol wings would be much cheaper than the A/Fuel or Top Fuel wings. Anyone know the price / difference on these items ?
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