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I f you could change one of these (1 Viewer)


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For me, without a doubt it would be 4 wide. It just feels like a exhibition, and not real racing.
Drag racing has been has always been about one winner and one loser.

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I don’t care for the 4 wide races. There is just so much happening so fast it’s hard to watch 4 lanes at once. I’ve given it a try by attending and will never do that again. (I don’t see it going away though)


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If I could change either of these then implicitly I would have the ability to turn back time. Only way either is happening.

With my newfound time travelling superpower, I would go back a week and make various hi-$ sporting bets before I started to think about drag racing formats ... 😂


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I've been to a couple 4-wide races at Z-Max. Tried to get into it. Even got to stand at the starting line, as a guest. The nitro cars were spectacular to experience and see. But I'm sorry, it still just feels like a match race/exhibition type of deal. Very much prefer 2 cars from a racing perspective.


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I don’t mind 4 wide. I just don’t like the format for 4 wide. Would love to see racing return to 1320.
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I don’t like the idea that second place moves on. Fill the extra time in with something else. Have a first and second round loser 4 wide race for bonus money or fastest loser fills the final round spot. I really didn’t mind it at first but don’t find myself anxious to watch it anymore.


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Bye Bye to to 4 wide would be my choice. Seen it in person once and that was enough to satisfy my curiosity. Wouldn't give up the additional shut down safety factor just to go back to the quarter mile for another .6 or .7 seconds of racing.
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which would it be
eliminate 4 wide
go back to 1320
Personally I do not like 4 wide.

At the risk of making people angry, neither of these are realistic at all:
- Going back to 1320 would require removing probably 5000 horsepower to slow the cars down enough. For all of us that have attended events with fuel cars in attendance since 2008 (when they switched to 1000'), we would all be disappointed with that reduction in power and noise. Gotta say I am tiring of hearing about this issue. We should just be glad that we aren't at 1/8 mile ! That would suck for sure.
- As for 4 Wide, Bruton Smith made the HUGE investment in the sport that we are all such big fans of, to make 4 Wide possible. How in the world can real fans complain about that ?? Pre-Covid, they were selling-out these events so obviously there are people that enjoy it. As for myself, in 2018 we made the huge trip to Charlotte for the 4 Wides and we enjoyed it. I must confess to getting confused with the scoreboards a couple of times, but it was neat.
Bottom line, when Bruton Smith tries to help the sport, don't complain !

So I agree with Jonathan, rolling back the clock is the only way you will see either of these go away, so let's find something better to discuss.
What do you think Alan ?


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Genuinely curious, if you don't care for the 4-wide why not just skip it?

For instance, I have friends who are NASCAR fans that don't like the road races, so on those weekends, they just do something else.

I didn’t realize that was an option in this thread. The question was “If you could change one of these”.


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No one asked B. Smith to create 4 wide. As a fan since 1967 I find it very hard to follow those 4 cars down the track and hard to concentrate on any one car. Sure Smith fills Z Max but I bet most there are casual fans and some just going to see a spectacle. And there have always been rumors of papering the house? 1000 ft racing was not forced on us, it was necessary! Too many of the major event tracks WERE TOO SHORT FOR SAFE STOPPING in event of chute or brake malfuction. Pomona, Englishtown, Columbus, Norwalk and I'm sure a few more. Not blaming the owners - most were landlocked - it is what it is. As far as fans seeing racing go 1320 again, the talented crew chiefs will just put a longer fuse on it and blow it up at 1200 ft vs 900 ft! Just IMHO.


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I wasn't trying to hijack the thread, and I'm not arguing with those that don't like the four wide. If you don't like it, then you don't like it.

I'm wondering why if you don't like it, you just don't just ignore it. It's two weekends a year. It's not changing the whole sport. SMI is in the business of selling tickets, Bruton thought this would sell tickets and it does. And as long as it does, it's going to be part of the schedule.

I think it's like covering Bristol with dirt, some thought it was a
genius idea, some thought it was silly or a gimmick. They're doing it again next year, and as fans you can watch or not. If you decide not to watch, you have 37 races on asphalt.

Just my opinion.
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