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You may have received an official-looking email, or your son went to a site he wasn’t supposed to go to *cough*porn*cough*. Either way, there is a blinking symbol of what looks like an official windows icon in the task tray which popup balloons like “your computer is infected!” or “system alert!” or the like. There may be a program now installed you don’t remember installing, like Spycrush, Antivermins, Spyware Locked, or the like. Not to mention your homepage has changed saying you are infected and you need to buy those (or similar) tools to remove them.

STOP! Those tools are scams, designed to take your money and leave you out to dry. If you did get scammed, contact your credit card company and do a chargeback.


Before I begin, let me tell you how I got this fix. At my job, I stumbled upon the main tool used to get rid of this virus (pretty much the ace-in-the-hole), as well as an excellent antispyware scanner. I emailed the fix to my boss, who passed it around, and soon this fix became the “de facto” mix of tools to get rid of this pest.
Until one day the higher-ups said out of the blue that we didn’t have a license from the vendors of the software to use the tools and told us not to use them (except for one) for fear that the head office might get sued for software license violations. For those that don’t know, the tools were all freeware –but for HOME users, not companies. Software vendors frown on companies using those tools unless they grant permission to use them, which in this case is not yet, so we are effectively banned from using this fix (which is kind of stupid as the main tool doesn’t even HAVE a license agreement).


First off, forget about using the popular spyware/virus scanners – they DO NOT WORK. Really, all you need is 3 tools for this fix. They are:

CCleaner –
Smitfraudfix – (No “www” on this one)
SUPERAntiSpyware – - AntiAdware, AntiSpyware, AntiMalware!


The first thing you’re going to do is download and install CCleaner, but do not run it yet.

Next, download Smitfraudfix to your desktop. Again, do not run it yet.

The final step is to download and install the free edition of SUPERAntiApyware and update it. Again, do not run it yet.

After all 3 tools are loaded, boot your PC to safe mode with networking. This can be done by rapidly tapping F8 when you see your PC’s logo screen (if you have a Dell, you’ll see Dell) until get to a “windows advanced options” menu. Press enter on safe mode with networking then choose whatever version of Windows you have.

Next, choose YOUR account – not the admin.

Click “Yes” to the message that you’re running in safe mode.

The first tool we’ll run is CCleaner. Click “cleaner” on the left, and the only thing that is unchecked that you should check off is “old prefetch data.” Next, click on options, then advanced, and uncheck the option to “only delete temp files older than 24 hours.” Return to cleaner, and analyze first. When that’s done, click “run cleaner” on the bottom right. If you have multiple accounts, it might be prudent to log off and log onto each one and repeat these steps.

Next, we move onto the “ace-in-the-hole” program Smitfraudfix. Open it, click within the box and press any key till you get to a menu. Hit 1 and press enter to scan – it will tell you exactly what’s infected. Close the notepad and hit 2 and press enter – it will now remove your infection. When it asks you to clean your registry, hit “y” and press enter. When it’s done, cancel any messages to do a disk cleanup. Finally, hit 3 and press enter to clean your trusted zone. When prompted, hit “y” and press enter. You can now exit out of SmitFraudfix.

Next is SUPERAntiSpyware. Only reason why we’re running this is to make sure that all the infection and any remnants are gone. Open it, run a full scan and delete whatever if finds. Close it when you’re done.


Now reboot your PC normally, and you should be rid of this pest. Best of all, you didn’t need to spend any money!


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Sam.. Didn't you JUST build this new hot rod of a computer??? How is it now got issues that would possibly be attributed to "a site he wasn’t supposed to go to *cough*porn*cough*"...??? :confused: :D


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I'm as clean as a whistle, I'm just posting this is a public service for anyone who might have gotten this pest. You know what the sad thing is? If people used Firefox or Opera instead of IE, there would be no need to talk about it!
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