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here we go again


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I had problems with it freezing up in the afternoon. Had to reboot it many times. One time it jumped from Top Fuel back to Funny car.
Worked pretty good most of the late session.
Have been logged in for 20 minutes this morning [Sat.] and have had to reboot once already. Looks like a long day ahead.

Note: It actually worked fine all day. Some freeze up's very late in the day.
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Worked fine till winner's interview with Bruno,then locked up again. Was down for about 10 minutes and was back before Pro finals.
I think it might be due to the fact that Norwalk is out in the middle of nowhere and they have to make due with crappy internet out there.

Of course, I had to miss the TF final not because of All Access but because of a brownout (Overloaded power grid) shutting everything off. :mad: