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Neat site. Looking at the weight (843 lbs) of the '71 Street Hemi shows why the engine is called the Elephant Motor.
I wonder where drag racing would be if Mopar had not come up with the Hemi. Forget these "Boss" engines in the Fords. Blue valve covers aren't fooling anybody. The design is still based on the Mopar engine.
But, I would still like to hear a Ford SOHC on 98%.


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The Boss Ford engines were "Semi-Hemi" design. So was the Chevy Rat motor. I've always thought the Ford would make more HP just cuz it was able to flow more air & fuel thru the heads than the Rat. I don't think they ran all that great on nitro (except maybe for Mickey Thompson cars), altho Bob Glidden sure made that engine run in Pro Stock. Seem to remember that the Mopar Hemi could only run so much compression due to the head design (gas & carbs), and the Rat & Boss engines went way beyond that just cuz they were "semi-hemi". Basically killed the Elephant in Pro Stock.


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Well, the Hemi is THE engine to run on nitro. If ya look back thru history, even in the early 1950's guys were running the little DeSoto & Chrysler Hemis. I think the were like under 300 CI??? But everyone realized how much air & fuel could go thru the heads & off they went. I have seen photos of Calvin Rice's car with a front blown (Potvin) Hemi in 1955. Kinda fun to think What Calvin would have thought if he could see a modern day billet Hemi...
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