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It's late and I've spent the last 4 hours at the hospital with my 88 yr old mom. She's ok, just a slight bit of pneumonia, but I had a lot of time to think. As my sleep-deprived mind wandered, I wondered if there was a connection between David Grubnic leaving for a new tuning gig, and Cruz Pedregon not renewing the contract of Tommy D. Na, couldn't be, could it? Stranger things have happened.


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That would sound like a more logical decision on Grubby's part or as Sam mentioned, Salinas, He seems like he has a pretty good financial footing right now.

Just Paul

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Have they been medicating you instead of mom by accident ??

Kidding aside, I don't know who Cruz is going to get. I can't think of anybody on the sideline better than Tommy D.
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There are a couple teams that should be releasing some info pretty soon. If the Government could keep secrets from leaking as good as race teams do then there sure would be a lot less scandals.:) As far as Cruz goes didn't he run his best when he was tuning the car himself?

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