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Old Man

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I read somewhere that Group 2 is going to be included in the Reunion at the end of the year but I can't find it on any website.


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Classic Funny Car Board.com

Blake Blowser track manager at Famoso and member of the HRHS Board announced that earlier this month on the Nitro Reports web show. Though there has been no official notice made, there still is a long time until then.

The heritage series attendance has been horrific to say the least. Earlier this year for the sportsman finals at Famoso, there were only 104 cars in attendance. The main reason is the cost to enter vs. other opportunities such as the ANRA, Vintage 7.60, WCPGA and Nor Cal Nostalgia Eliminators.

If this happens, I feel the reunion will need to be made a 4 day event.

Old Man

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Thanks, Gino. I figured you would reply.
Our group will be at the March Meet and as many of the others that my son's schedule will allow. Except Salt Lake and Boise. I'm done driving but I still pay the bills. My boy is driving now so we sped the truck up a bit and will run Hot Rod to start.
Tell your dad we said hello.


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I will do. Currently I am on assignment in So. Korea, but will return this weekend and will catch up with dad then.

For the third year in a row we have not signed up for the March Meet and we feel good about the idea. Might take a ride up there one day, but at this point I am impartial. We're going to do the ANRA Series again this year as well as Dragfest at Famoso. We brought out a NE1 car this year with Eily Stafford doing the driving and we're feeling good about it and want to go for the Championship with both cars.

We see you then.
I believe they said on the Nitro Reports that the lower cackle car attendance was the reason they stepped up to adding Group 2. Cacklers are still pissed about the 25th. And, Gibbs has stepped up to give them a real home.


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In my opinion since NHRA has gotten involved, the reunion has become less of a reunion and more of a typical NHRA race. The magic is gone in part with many of the heroes of yester-years passing away while others being pushed aside as part of a side-show.

It will never be the same, which is a shame.

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