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Just recently I visited track number 145, closing in on 150 tracks, the Baileytown Good Time Drag Strip in the very little town of Baileytown, Alabama. This makes the eighth, 1/8mi. strip in Bama I have attended. Been to Lassiter Mountain (announced there as well), Holiday Beach, Jakes Drag Strip, North Alabama, Sand Mountain, and that ghetto dump in Phoenix City.

This cool little 1/8mi. track located between Arab and Cullman off of highway 69 is a neat place, location wise and by it's interesting layout. It has been in operation for so many years, was kind of old and shaky but has been revamped, the track a couple of years ago was repaved. The pits are mostly paved, spectator parking is on grass. There is a small but cool looking tower in the right lane. The scoreboards are uniquely located above the track right at the 1/8mi. lights. Shutoff looked long enough. Lights were pretty decent. There were small, old, but adequate restrooms on both sides. The staging lanes were kinda tight as was the approach to the water box, sound system fairly good.

There is not much grandstand seating, a very small but super cool little grandstand behind the line favoring the left side of the track, it had some elevation, a small set of stands and I mean small on the left lane side. But what made this place cool was the trackside parking on both sides, it was incredibly close to the track, and I mean close. I repeat very close to the action. This was kinda a classic old school outlaw southern track that is really cool in my book.

What got me is the close proximity of some of the sparse housing. For example, on the left lane side of the track right next to the parking fence is a house, maybe 250 max from the left lane, down the street in either direction are a sprinkling of houses, as well as behind the track.

The track runs Friday night Test "n Tune from 7:00-11:00pm. Saturday nights have some specials but is usually just 2 bracket style classes. Super Pro has just a $60.00 entry fee for car and driver and pays a nice $2000-to-win each Sat night. Foot Brake has just a $50.00 entry fee for car and driver and pays a nice $1000-to-win. It is just $10.00 for spectators to come in, it is as laid back as any track could be. The one thing I felt that was great was the atmosphere of the track, no hassles, great staff and just a great vibe from the racers.

I want to stress this again, if ya want to be close the the action, this track will provide this. The traction is very good as well. I had a good time at Baileytown Good Time Drag Strip, it reminded me of the good times of yesteryear and how it used to be, I'll be back.

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