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I haven't been to a "Big Show" race in I don't know how long, neither have I posted here.
Because the NHRA is BORING. That's right, I said BORING.
Fast? sure. So what?
How much does it cost you to attend? 100? 200 $?? To pay for parking, cram into bleachers with a huge rowdy crowd, watch the SAME GUYS year after year?
How many Big Show nitro cars are there?
NOW, let's talk
"nostalgia" racing.
It's nitro drag racing with 60's-70's bodies, front engine cars. REAL racing in a QUARTER MILE!
How many nitro cars are there? How many would there be if they REPLACED the Big Show?
One hundred? !50?
Let's drop the "nostalgia" BS, put the cars in the show. 32 car fields. Variety. Revamp the rules to increase competition and variety.
what do you think?


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It's slow at work so I'll bite.

First off the definition of Nostalgia is, "A sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations." With that being said, not much in the nostalgia scene is nostalgic anymore.

As a nostalgia racer myself I can say there is not enough interest or money in it to make it happen. I personally prefer to do this as a hobby as well as most involved. Therefore, keep the money out of and let go have some fun doing it.

Between Top Fuel (FED & RED), FC (2 classes) and the AA/FA the upcoming March Meet should have around 50 nitro cars competing. That's about the best you can hope for.


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"Therefore, keep the money out of and let go have some fun doing it."
THAT is the whole idea! The current NHRA "PRO" scene is ALL about money.
Replace it with affordable racing and you WILL have racers! At least bteak even!
Afraid you missed the point1
Not ebough interest? there are HOW MANY big show funny cars vs nostalgia funny cars?
The big show is like wrestling or "extreme" BMX bike riding! A SHOW, not a real drag race.


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Big Show has little future, except as a traveling exhibition show.
Meanwhile all of you gripe about strips closing, kids not interested and bracket racing.
Racers have always been their own worst enemies!
Don't everyone talk at once.


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You mean like when a kid wants to start racing and comes asking questions and the "racer" makes fun of his 11 second car?
or his import? instead of trying to teach him something.


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This is an interesting thread for sure and I also find today's drag racing boring.
And when I found the Southern Gassers Association and it was like stepping back into the 60's watching these guys run and I was hooked !!!

This is the type of drag racing that first got me interested in drag racing in the first place. All the cars have a 4 speed transmission and they do not use most of the electronics you see in cars today.
It affordable, fun and the excitement factor is off the charts.

I love old school drag racing and for me this is about has good as it gets.

Jim Hill


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I like that there are a bunch of small organizations that are finding places to race, and the reliance on Force/Kallita/Schumacher to be the support system for the sport is being whittled away. Lots of interesting cars out there, and although most of them only race to the eighth, how long before the Big Show has shortened down to that anyway?


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Word on another site about the upcoming Good Vibrations March Meet at Auto Club Famoso (the biggest nostalgia race of the year) is:

Preliminary Pre-entrie #s for the Good Vibrations March Meet are:
NFC 34 (2 separate classes)
FED 14 (8 car elimination field)
AA/FA 22 (6.00 index and a 8 car elimination field)

Ron Capps was at Famoso this past weekend shaking down the new Burkholder Bros. Fiat bodied AA/FA and will compete at the March Meet.

There is also some 500 cars racing in other classes from A/Fuel (could be a F/C in this class this year), Jr/F, 7.0 Pro, Gassers and Nostalgia Eliminators along with Hot Rod too. Not certain if there is a A/FX class for this one though.


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Ron Capps was at Famoso this past weekend shaking down the new Burkholder Bros. The engine broke a rod on the second burnout and the Fiat bodied AA/FA and will NOT compete at the March Meet this year.
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