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Joey Severance. Yeah I know he's modern day, but 5.12...... OK, old time, Adams & Enriquez back motor AA/DA. they ran that car without a wing at first (1973???) and were going 6.80's. This was the year Pro Comp was formed. I remember Larry Sutton telling the Pro Comp dragster guys not to let that class get out of hand, cuz of the other classes involved. Blown Alky was the quickest of all the classes at first and then they were slowed down by NHRA. OK, just for yuks & grins, Weiss & Scott, Jimmy Scott (who was the starter at San Fernando) in the blown gas dragster class. they ran 6.90's on gas, which was quick back then, and won a lot of races.

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Old School:

1. Boggs brothers' altered (Yeah I know, it's not a digger, but that's the class it ran in. And besides, it's entirely too cool...…)
2. Dale Hall's FED
3. Santos

New school:

1. Cowie (The story is just too good...…)
2. Joey
3. Thacker (Home division guy)

Sean D


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Well from the early ‘90s, Lou Patane’s twin engine TAD from Phoenix. My dad built the 2 nitrous fed, injected 650in. Hemis, most likely the biggest Hemis around at the time. If they had more time to sort it out, it could have thundered, but eventually NHRA got rid of the twins, and Lou went on to run the Motorsports program for Chrysler. Pops even painted the car, it was a looker, and had a Frameworks chassis.


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I remember Lou Patane. He ran the twin and then took one engine out & ran single engine on nitro. The nitro version was just coming around when he got the job at Chrysler. I think Patane ran Chrysler dealerships here in Phoenix. Used to see him at Speedworld & Firebird. Cool car.

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Great replies, keep 'em up.

There were so many shows especially at the County were a 8-car or 16-car field would draw 25 to near 40 cars in the 70's for a show. The Saturday afternoon qualifying sessions were dog-eat-dog. The last ditch stuff around 4:30/5:00pm were awesome. That and the fact they were push started from the top end in front of the crowd.

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