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Father and son journey through Rocky Mountain Race Week (1 Viewer)

Luke Nieuwhof

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On this Father’s Day you might be interested to watch this video series from Tom Bailey’s YouTube channel. His son Aydan began racing last week, making his first passes on the first day of Rocky Mountain Race Week. They then completed the entire event together (well over 1000 miles through mountains and 105F heat) and by the end of it Aydan was running nines.



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This is a cool car. When I first started to go to the drags, no one ran a wagon. That was a push car. But these cars really do make great drag cars. In the Old Daze people didn't realize that stock wagons had 50 / 50 weight distribution & made great drag cars. Dyno Don Nicholson ran a Mercury wagon that was as quick as the coupes. Well, anyhoo, I love station wagon drag cars. I hope these guys do well. What a great adventure!


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I been following this on YouTube also. Great Father & Son adventure. Who knows, maybe this may influence Aydan to become a full time pro drag racer.


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There were no pictures of the Sh*tbox after the accident because it was sold to Tom and they knew it was going to be rebuilt. It's a shame that it was thrown together in it's first form, safety might have taken a back seat to getting it ready for the Race Week Series. It was entrapment and fire that took Dom Lagana's legs from him. I hope it's much safer now, especially since the youngin is driving it to 9's

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