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Erica Enders Banquet Speech 2019 (1 Viewer)


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Throwing some shade out there left and right.

What did she "wow" to around 5 minutes? Sounded like someone said something from the crowd.


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Did we watch the same speech? I didn't hear trash talking or throwing shade at all.


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She took a little swipe at Greg Anderson early-on and absolutely bitch-slapped NHRA...not sure that was the time and place for that...but other than that it was like any other of these acceptance speeches - boring as hell. No wonder Spencer Massey got drunk at his last one.


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Could she spend more time staring at the teleprompter crosseyed? Wedding ring?? I saw a Championship ring. Outfit, well not so much. Awesome drag racer tho.


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Wedding ring??



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I love that picture and I still can't believe so many on here went off the deep end over it. She is definitely one of the best drivers to ever sit in the seat of a pro stock car.
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if i were greg i wouldnt have made a big deal out of the pic either, however i would have retaliated in some fashion, with a similar swipe at enders. Of course greg isnt racing on his own dime, like some others so he has to be careful about what he says or how he acts.


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Cant take away from her racing 'creds but she seems to like the drama (real or fictitious)


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Carl, thanks for posting that video.
But, you didn’t say anything about needing a Kleenex while watching it.
Great speech.
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